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The Wellness Brand For Your Peace of Mind 

Calm Days

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Peaceful Nights

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Stay calmer during your day, sleep deeper at night.

Try our day and night tinctures.


Our Mission

At Potent, we believe that managing physiological and emotional stress is the most fundamental component of your well-being. We offer a carefully crafted range of products to help you feel at ease during the day and sleep deeply at night. We know it takes more than supplements to restore homeostasis. We are committed to sharing educational and practical content about the various tools and modalities that may help you reclaim a calm state of mind during your waking and sleeping hours. We are here to help you feel your best in mind, body, and spirit.

Eric Flores, CA

“Had the chocolate during a cabin trip and loved it, both the flavor and results were a delight, would recommend!"

Michael McCarney, CO

" I love the Mother Mary strain Potent uses, it works well for day or night use."

Margot, TX

“I use the Pillow Partner sleep gummies and love them. Just be aware they are strong so I would recommend starting with a low dose”

Define Your Balance

It takes time to discover the practices and tools that work best for your health and wellness journey. Nutrition and exercise, meditation and breathwork, supplements and medication, yoga and therapy. The wellness space is saturated with great ideas to optimize your well-being. With so many options to explore, we know it can be overwhelming. That's why we are working with experts to develop effective products and curate thoughtful content with the information and techniques we believe can best serve you. 

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