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Process, Passion, Purpose 

We are driven by the desire to alleviate suffering and pain, a passionate sense of scientific curiosity, and a reverence for the excellent knowledge that exists in Nature all around us.
The Stars

Radical Rest

We formulate our products with USDA Organic full-spectrum hemp (grown and extracted by us in Colorado), powerful medicinal mushrooms and herbs, natural flavors, and the highest quality natural ingredients. Our products are crafted and tested to deliver genuine health benefits: improve energy, promote balance in body and mind, reduce stress and anxiety, assist sleep, and more*.

Beyond Supplements

It takes more than supplements and awareness to develop healthier sleep habits. Explore our resources and see which methods and practices speak to you. We are all unique individuals with distinct preferences, habits, and histories. No matter your story, creating a sleep toolkit of various modalities is a great step forward in your health journey.

Half Full Moon

The Farm

Nestled on the slopes of the Colorado Rockies, in a beautiful hidden valley lies our beautiful USDA organic farm. Applying regenerative agriculture practices, we collaborate with our soil to make sure it is nurtured, rested, diverse, and fruitful. We trust our appreciation for our land is sensed in every flower and product, and hope you taste it in every bite.

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Functional Ingredients

 Our mission is to help you feel your best. Rested, calm, and balanced. That's why we formulate our products with great care and attention to detail.  Learn more about our intentional ingredients below. 

Always Transparent

Visit our FAQ page or contact us with any questions about our process, ingredients, and purpose.

Craft Your Ritual

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